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X-ray Detectors

DeReO WA is a portable Direct Radiography (DR) detector. Such systems are commonly named "Flat panel" due to their small thickness. They provide immediately the digital image of the object that is radiographied in front of them. DeReO distinguishes from other devices by its wide area (WA) of 40 cm x 40 cm, the fluoroscopy functionality (real time inspection in continous mode as a movie camera and not just as a photo camera), its ruggedised conception and the fact that it doens't require any synchronisation with the generator it is combined with. Its 200 Ám pixels also offer a higher sensitivity to the panel and therefore higher penetration capabilities. It is controlled with Maestro, a clever software platform that focuses on the ease of use but in offering all the key features required to get a perfect image quality.
More information : DeReO WA1 security (pdf) - DeReO WA1 NDT (pdf) - Range of digital solutions (pdf)
DF stands for Direct Film. This is not a digital solution but an up-to-date material that combines the flexibility of the CR plate and the Direct results of the DR detectors. This material is supplied in rolls of 50 cm width of any length up to several hundred meters. When exposed to X-rays DR film darkens itself and provides a radiographic image without any chemical or digital process. It is not very sensitive and requires a powerfull generator. In combination with GemX-160, DF is the most cost effective solution for X-ray imaging security applications and for wide area inspections.
More information : Direct Film brochure (pdf) - Direct Film (Video)
CeReO for Museum inspection and Intelligence is a portable Computed Radiography (CR) detector. Smart and easy to use, it opens the doors of digital radiography for inspections in Museums and on the field. It is controlled with Maestro, a clever software whose development is focused on the ease of use but in offering all the key features required to get a perfect image quality. Image plate dimensions are 20 x 43 cm, with a resolution up to 21 Ám and 16 bits of digitalisation : the highest achievement in digital radiography. GemX-160 and CeReO offer you the highest end portable solution with CR.
More information : CeReO Museum brochure (pdf) - CeReO Intelligence brochure (pdf)

X-ray Generators

GemX-160 and GemX-200 - These generators are battery powered, wireless controlled, portable constant potential X-ray units. They can operate from 20 to 160 kV at 160 W (resp. 50 to 200 kV at 200 W). Each LiPo battery pack can deliver up to 200,000 kV.mA.s of radiation (eg. 2,000 s at 100 kV - 1 mA). The oil insulation offers a duty cycle of 2 hours of continuous X-ray per day. Thanks to the Beryllium window, soft radiations are kept in the low kV part of the spectrum which gives the best contrast for low density material inspection. The focal spot of 0.5 mm (IEC 336) offers the best image quality. In combination with a CR or a DR, they can be used for the inspection of steel up to 35 mm thickness. GemX-160 and GemX-200 are unique and up-to-date solutions for digital radiography in NDT.
More information : GemX-160 brochure (pdf) - GemX-200 brochure (pdf) - Real time capture with GemX-160 (Video)
Golden Engineering XR200 is a 150 kV pulsed X-ray battery powered generator. XRIS distributes this unit in Belgium and the Luxembourg. XR200 is dedicated to applications where the lowest weight is required. It can be used with all our digital detectors.

According to your application and your location, we can deliver different types of X-ray generators. Don't hesitate to contact us for advices.
GXC-160 is a 160 kV - 2 mA - 320 W fixed X-ray generator. It is composed of a metal ceramic double focus X-ray tube (0.4 mm - 1.0 mm) that is connected to the high voltage power supply through a 10 m long cable. The system is water cooled with a duty cycle of 100 %. It can be controlled by a console with keyboard or through a computer. It can be delivered with a special lead shielding with a leakage lower than 1 ÁSv/h at contact and with an imaging (40░ x 30░) or a pencil beam (2 mm diameter) collimator. Generator has a stability better than 0.5 % in dose up to 130 kV and can be used in all measuring applications for long periods of time.
Other versions have been developed: GXC-130 and GXC-80

X-ray Systems & Customised solutions

VisiX is an X-ray systems that has been developed under the specifications of the Royal Museum for Central Africa. The purpose is to get a high-end solution to radiography the collections of archeological specimens of the Museum. The application is very demanding : specimens range from 1 cm x 3 cm with a few mm thickness to nearly 1 m long snakes of 20 cm thickness. To comply with the demand VisiX works with 2 flat panels : DeReO HR with 48 Ám pixels and DeReO WA2 with a very performing stitching tool. The Beryllium window of GemX-160 is absolutely required for small specimen exams. The distance between the detectors and the generator is variable (from 70 to 160 cm) to optimise image quality and motorised. The whole system is installed in a shielded cabinet complying with IEC regulations and that can be moved easily. Maestro controls simultaneously the generator and the detectors and has been adapted to the specific management of the data.
More information : VisiX user manual (pdf) - New X-ray scanner for the study of zoological specimens - Royal Museum for Central Africa Tervuren
Micro-CT - A Micro-CT is a radiographic device performing 3D reconstruction of small objects with a resolution that below the Ám. XRIS can supply you a wide range of Micro-CT for NDT and biomedical applications with nominal resolution ranging from 5 to 33 Ám and max kV from 50 to 100 kV.
More information : Micro CT brochure (pdf)

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